Masonic Charities / Programs

For Wisconsin public education

As a fraternity, we have championed many great causes – but perhaps none so personal, or so affecting, as that of public education. From helping to establish the states first public school systems to recognizing outstanding educators, Masons have been on the forefront.

We continue to be leaders in statewide support of public schools through early literacy skills for kindergarteners at high risk for educational failure; scholarships for deserving – but often overlooked – high school seniors who might not otherwise have the ability to obtain a higher education; and a number of other critically needed programs benefiting underserved youth.

For those in need

Relief is one of our enduring and relevant values. We take responsibility for the well-being of our brothers, our families, and our communities. It’s our obligation. Our philanthropic causes are supported entirely by our members’ generous contributions.

For over 100 years Three Pillars Senior Living Communities have served thousands upon thousands of families and residents. Our dedication to our rich history of mission-based services exists as strongly today as it did in 1905. In fact, as a not-for-profit organization, we look at things a bit differently. For us its mission first. Our proceeds are reinvested into the organization-not distributed to stakeholders. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our residents not the size of our bottom line. We value our staff as individuals; recognizing the important role they play in providing our residents with a quality lifestyle. However, most importantly, we are always guided by what is right-not by what is profitable.excellent care and critical services are provided for Masons and their wives and widows at our residential communities for seniors and through our statewide outreach programs.

"Among other virtues, Masonry teaches charity. No one will ever be able to calculate the generosity that has drawn its inspiration from the Masonic Lodge Room. Therefore, at the 1924 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin, the Grand Master appointed a committee to investigate and report upon the subject of a, “Wisconsin Masonic Foundation."

"As a result of the Committee’s findings, in 1925, it was resolved, by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of the State of Wisconsin, that a Board of nine trustees be created for the purposes of encouraging charity, benevolence, education and philanthropy, and of securing greater uniformity of purposes, power and duties of administration in the management and control of property given, devised or bequeathed for charitable, benevolent, educational or philanthropic purposes, and that such Board of Trustees or any corporation to be organized by them for the purposes herein provided may accept gifts, devises and bequests of property for the uses and purposes, and with the powers and duties, hereinafter set forth, which Board of Trustees and successor corporation, of any, and the property so held shall constitute and be known as the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation.

"The Masonic Foundation’s Original purposes included:

  • Providing for the support and care of aged, helpless and sick Master Masons, their wives, widows, orphans and dependents in co-operation with or independently of the regularly constituted Masonic Bodies.
  • To disseminate Masonic Intelligence and to maintain Masonic ideals in matters of charity, benevolence, education and philanthropy.
  • To encourage testamentary gifts and other contributions to trust funds to be used for Masonic Charity, benevolence, education and philanthropy within the State of Wisconsin and to plan the uses of the same.
  • To provide for a revolving fund for the support and education of boys and girls in Wisconsin, eligible upon a collegiate education, who have exhibited good habits and a special aptitude to study, and whose financial mean are partially or wholly inadequate.
  • To endow or defray the cost of maintaining one or more beds or rooms for Masonic uses in any Protestant or non-sectarian hospitals in the State of Wisconsin, wither in co-operation with or independent of any such Masonic body, Board or agency.
  • To provide for the establishment and maintenance of a general Masonic Library."

In modern times, the programs of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation have changed, but the philosophy that they were founded upon has not. We still rely on the spirit of Masonic gratitude and generosity, to inspire contributions and bequests to our cause.

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes is a new program aimed at assisting currently deployed service men and women. Wisconsin Freemasonry has always strived for close relations with our nation’s veterans. This program goes a step further and will aid the men and women who are currently deployed by assisting both them and their families. Since the 9/11 attack more than 14,000 members of the National Guard and reserve have been called to active duty.